Many South African small businesses will be permitted to resume business on the 1st June 2020, following an intense lockdown being eased to Level 3.  Ensuring a safe return-to-work for team and safety for clients should be top-of-mind for many small businesses.

Businesses will need to put in place health and safety procedures in order to limit the likelihood of infection for staff and customers.

Tips on the reopening your business:

  • Ramp up your communication efforts to make your customers feel that it is safe to return. Let them know, through emails, social media, or other forms of communication, about all the efforts you are taking to clean and sanitizer the premises.
  • Be obvious about your rules on the premises. Clearly post your rules using large, easy to read signage.
  • Ensure that all your employees are trained in social distancing and hygiene protocols. Employees must either be 1.5 meters apart or must have “physical barriers” between them.
  • Those showing symptoms of Covid-19 may not be allowed to work.
  • Everyone must have access to soap and water, and sanitizer that can be used on workstations as well as hands.
  • Disinfect workstations regularly
  • And companies must “take any other measures indicated by a risk assessment”.

Access the Department of Employment and Labour Covid-19 Occupational Health and Safety measures (c19 ohs), 2020 below.