A devastating impact of COVID-19

One of the devastating impacts of COVID-19 has been for families in South Africa to not be able to provide for their children’s education and future.

The Skills Development element of the B-BBEE Codes recommends investment in bursaries for students at higher education institutions. Siyakha Consulting, in partnership with Stellenbosch University, are hosting an informative virtual workshop to encourage business to invest in our youth.

The ‘missing middle’ is a term coined to define university students that do not qualify for state financial aid and whose families also cannot afford to pay for their studies. Although the South African government announced fee-free undergraduate education in 2018, quite a substantial number of students from households whose income exceeds the state financial aid eligibility criteria can still not afford university education in South Africa.

Did you know?

National tracking of undergraduates has shown that 30% of all students without financial support are at risk of dropping out before the end of their first year, and another estimated 20% will leave the University before completing their degrees due to these constraints.

With the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, we expect an even larger proportion of our student population to move into this category of the ‘missing middle’ – unable to access state funding and yet unable to afford the costs of university studies because of the impact of COVID-19 on household income. This group – with family annual incomes of between R350, 000 and R600, 000 a year – comprises some of our most talented and academically gifted students. Estimated at around 8% of our 20,274 undergraduates at the start of 2020, and currently rising sharply in number as the economic impact of COVID-19 is felt, these students are highly vulnerable to dropping out if they can’t access funding.


Cost of the donation

A Full bursary costs R120 000- R180 000 per student including living costs, books, tuition, and technology allowances, depending on their qualification they are enrolled for, and accommodation option. However, any amount, no matter how big or small can be allocated into a pool to make an impact.

If you have any questions, queries, suggestions, or need further information on how to invest in meaningful Skills Development, we invite you to contact the Siyakha team.


Make a difference by investing in the future

Help us to continue to create a better South Africa by investing in our Youth today.


Guest Speakers

Hans Scriba

Manager: Fundraising for Maties Sport at Stellenbosch University (Last two Years)

focuses on fundraising for Education Bursaries for Student-Athletes

Studied B.Sc Honours (Maths, Geography) at Stellenbosch

Played Professional and International

Studied B.Sc Honours (Maths, Geography) at Stellenbosch Rugbyworked for 21 years at Sharks Professional Rugby and 6 years at SA Rugby Union, focusing on the development of rugby and assisting talented players with their tertiary education while in academy programmes.

Candice Egan

Fundraiser for Stellenbosch University specialising in bursary support and management.

I have BSc from Rhodes University and an advanced diploma in Project Management from UCT.

Have been working in the student support space for 13 years and the last 5, in particular, leveraging the BBBEE Skills Development spend of companies to support deserving students.

Sue Scheeper | Head Siyakha Consulting

Qualifications: BA (Honours), UHDE -University Higher Diploma in Education, PDA (Personal Development Analyst), Assessor, Moderator

Experience: 20 years corporate (Global and Local), B-BBEE, Skills Development

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Sue Scheepers Head: Consulting Services




+27 (0) 74 180 2097   


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