Our experienced BEE Team works with our clients to apply Black Economic Empowerment as a business strategy to increase internal competencies and external operating efficiencies.

“We made the right choice when choosing Siyakha, and your service has added value to our business.”
– Mark Loreggian, MD, Micro Motor Engineering

Our emphasis is on using the legislative framework to achieve best practice business standards in terms of supplier development, business competitiveness and market positioning. Our team has worked for more than 10 years with firms all over the world to create ROI from transformation activities and are active participants in the official industry body and our COO is the current Chairperson.

Our differentiator is our level of expertise to define the strategy which is combined with a strong implementation team that delivers projects on the ground in more than 13 districts in South Africa. Our advisory team have supported business across most business sectors and provided advisory services to investors from more than 8 countries looking to invest in South Africa.


We at Siyakha Consulting are passionate about laying the foundation for a more equitable future.



Our team work on all 7 elements of the BEE Scorecard, advising and implementing best practice solutions to earn maximum points on each element. Rather than offer CD-Rom versions of compliance advice, we do not offer a ‘plug and play’ approach. Our service provides and in-depth analysis of how a client can align their business strategy with the essence of BEE compliance ensuring scorecard adherence is not simply a tick box exercise.


We provide in depth knowledge and expertise on all of the sector charters offering consulting services for maximum contribution levels, training and education seminars and implementation support.


Through this service, Siyakha Consulting ensures that a tailor-made and solution based advisory is provided to meet the specific transaction specifications and requirements of the client. This includes providing choices and options of a preferable transaction, detailed and comprehensive due diligence processes that cover all regulatory, socio-economic and political considerations, deal structuring and suitable partner selection is critical to achieving the outcomes in this area.


We believe that Equality, and Economic Freedom for all South Africans can only be achieved through effective Transformation.


In their capacity as B-BBEE advisors, our consultants work with the public sector to design, implement and deliver effective Departmental and Municipal transformation strategies.

  • An Audit of the Department/Municipality’s internal policies and report on recommendations for the optimal alignment with legislation and National Strategy.
  • We can subsequently assist with drafting of required policies to ensure alignment with the legislation and National Strategy.
  • Transformation Consulting Services, including the Development of Transformation, HR and Development Strategies
  • Preparation for the management of the BEE Verification Process
  • Training and Mentorship of Internal Resources around Transformation Concepts and Methods, always ensuring effective Skills Transfer occurs across the board.
  • Siyakha offers training programmes and support in tender adjudication, procurement policy design and training on BEE for Procurement teams and implementation thereof with specific relevance to the public sector in terms of legislative changes on PPPFA, IPAP and Codes of Best Practice.


According to South African law a Public Private Partnership (PPP) is a contract between a public sector institution/municipality and a private entity, in which the private party assumes substantial financial, technical and operational risk in the design, financing, building and operation of a project. 

Siyakha Consulting participates as a consortium member in several PPP project teams as part of the Transaction Advisory team for infrastructure projects. 
This work includes conducting feasibility studies and socio-economic impact assessments as well as adjudicating the procurement phase of relevant projects.

When not part of the Transaction Advisory  team, Siyakha advises companies bidding for PPP projects on BEE submissions and the suitable implementation of the 25-year plan to achieve the performance objectives.