The twin pressures of the Covid-19 pandemic and a crashing global economy are making the need for best practice Environmental, Social and Governance standards (ESG) more important to business than ever.

Environmental, Social and Governance measure the sustainability and societal impact of an investment. The ESG movement had grown in recent times due to growing concerns over climate change and environmental impact in addition to the current COVID 19 crisis.

Siyakha Consulting Services invites you to join us for a conversation on ESG and how best you can integrate your business with ESG reporting and standards.

Michael Rea

Michael Rea

Managing Partner, Integrated Reporting & Assurance Services(IRAS)

Michael has more than twenty years of experience identifying ESG/Sustainability reporting risks and in the provision of independent third-party assurance over the ESG/Sustainability content of Integrated Annual reports.

He established his own company in 2009 after working for both PwC and KPMG in their Sustainability Services departments. Since 2013 Michael has produced five annual reviews of the ESG/Sustainability transparency of every Johannesburg Securities Exchange (JSE) listed company.

His Sustainability Data Transparency Index (SDTI) uses 113 indicators to calculate an SDTI Score that allows for benchmarking within and between industry sectors. Michael and his team use the data from the SDTI process to assist in their provision of assurance services.

Michael has a Master’s Degree in Corporate Social Responsibility.(MBA).

Peter Burdin

Peter Burdin

Senior Advisor, Siyakha Africa

Peter is the BBC’s former Africa Bureaux Chief. He brings more than thirty years of experience as a senior editorial leader in the BBC’s international news operations. He’s won several TV and radio Awards for his news and documentary journalism.

In 2015 before joining Siyakha Africa he established his own media and training company. He’s also on Board of the Africa Leadership University and serves as an Ambassador for the Tutu Foundation UK, the South Africa-UK Trust and Chair of Humanity & Inclusion UK.

He’s moderated conferences at Oxford and Cambridge University Africa Societies and has worked with the University of Central Lancashire on building partnerships with African universities and moderating Journalism Symposiums in Kenya, Ghana, and Ethiopia.

Peter has a Degree in Political science from the University of Leeds




Date: Friday26 July 2020 

Time: 12:00pm  to 14:00pm

Venue: Online – Zoom

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