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Siyakha is a multi-disciplinary consulting firm that has more than 22 years of experience in delivering tailor-made solutions to both the Public and Private sector in several regions across South Africa, since its inception in 1998 when it was founded by Dionne Kerr.

We are a diverse team that ultimately focuses on change, whether it is the global need to invest in new markets; meeting the needs of “new” consumers out of the growth of Africa; addressing the resultant need for infrastructure, housing, goods and services in previously non-serviced markets; the challenges of Diversity; changing organisational culture; the digitisation of traditional methods for doing business; the provision of Outplacement Services to address the changing financial or operational requirements of key sectors; the provision of B-BBEE consulting services (or its in-country equivalent); the need to actively participate in vital socio-economic imperatives to drive Transformation; or the time spent advocating Localisation in the past 9 years in order to get clients to realise the importance of economic growth the drivers have changed, but our focus on change has not.

Siyakha is well placed to focus on transformation in South Africa and beyond, with a team that comprises a diverse mix of professionals including policy and legislative experts, BEE consultants, investment specialists, professionals in accounting, finance and law, strategy consultants, HR consultants across all disciplines, development specialists, business coaches, trainers, researchers, engineers, and project management professionals.


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  • World-class strategy with local relevance
  • BEE Strategy
  • Procurement Optimisation
  • Scorecard and Verification Preparation
  • Shared Value Consulting
  • Impact Investment Audits
  • Integrated Reporting Audits and Advisory
  • GRI Consulting
  • ESG
  • Disability & Diversity
  • Skills Development
  • Human Resources
  • Organisational Design
  • Board Effectiveness
  • SMME Engagement
  • SMME coaching, training, and mentoring
  • SMME Event Management
  • weComply©
  • Online Events
  • Mine Closure
  • Localisation
  • Circular Economy
  • SMME Funding
  • Enterprise Development
  • Supplier Development
  • Beneficiary Sourcing
  • ESD Programme Design
  • ESD Programme Implementation
  • ESD Programme Monitoring and Evaluation
Siyakha Capital Advisors logo
  • Multinational Ownership
  • Ownership structuring including:
    • Sales of Assets
    • Sales of Shares
    • BBOS
    • ESOPs
  • Strategic BEE Partner Selection
  • Equity Equivalent Investment Programmes
  • BEE Ownership Compliance
  • Directing Investments to Fund Strategy
  • Providing Investment Advisory
  • Monitoring of Fund Performance
  • Completion of Transactions
  • Portfolio Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Equity Sales Transactions
  • Valuations
  • Due diligence
  • Capital raising
Siyakha Capital Advisors logo
  • Regulatory Environment
  • Macroeconomic Data
  • Political Landscape
  • Analysis of failed foreign companies entering the country and Insights of companies that have succeeded
  • Industry Analysis
  • Market Segments, Size
  • Growth Potential
  • Competitive Landscape and Alternate Market Entry Options
  • Identifying Office Space
  • Human Resources Ownerships structure in relation to local requirements (BEE in South Africa)
  • Country Industrial Sector Reports
  • Local Content Certification
  • Environmental Consulting
  • Application and Management of Incentives
  • Analysis and selection of an appropriate mode of entry into different African countries
  • Key insights into the chosen market and its consumers at present and future evolution
  • View on the ability to create and maintain a sustainable competitive advantage through a focused and disciplined execution approach
  • Strategic possibilities and potential markets



What Our Clients Are Saying


“Siyakha has worked with the PepsiCo team in South Africa to develop our strategy for participation in South Africa’s transformation agenda. Their team has engaged across all facets of the business and has assisted us with becoming familiar and engaged with what is required for us to align BEE in South Africa with our global model for excellence.”

Toyota South Africa Motors

“TSAM had the opportunity to work with Siyakha 2 years ago. They tendered for and won the contract to do a major feasibility study for the establishment of a new Tier 1 supplier. They needed to factor in the elements of external funding sources and B-BBEE and still come up with a solution that made sense. The proposal that was submitted was of an extremely high standard and demonstrated the depth and variety of skills that reside within Siyakha. A point worth also mentioning was the very pragmatic approach taken. While there was a determined effort to embrace all the elements of Transformation, they had their sights very firmly on ensuring it made business sense. I would most certainly recommend Siyakha to another supplier or OEM.”

Tsebo Solutions Group

“The Tsebo Solutions Group is the largest Facilities Management provider in South Africa… We are also very proud to be the BEE leaders in our industry and the first large corporate in South Africa to achieve a Level 1 on the new amended codes. Siyakha has been our BEE partner for over 10 years being the driving force behind this achievement. Working hand in hand with our EXCO and management, they have partnered with us to craft the vision, and more importantly the implementation roadmap … that has driven our success. Siyakha are more than BEE advisors…[Siyakha is] professional, dedicated and loyal. Numerous times they have “gone to war” on our behalf … and in all these interactions have treated our interests as their own. I fully endorse Siyakha as they are highly experienced and proficient BEE advisors and strategists.”

Endress + Hauser

“Siyakha Implementation Partners has assisted us with B-BBEE Strategy Design and Implementation [the provision of these services] ensured that we achieve an effective B-BBEE compliance.”

Orange Business Services

“Hi Siyakha, your team did it! 🎉🥳 🥂Thank you and the team for persevering”


“Hi Dionne. Happy new year and I want to say thank you for the first wonderful gift of the year and our level 1 certificate!!! A wonderful surprise and I know you and the team pulled out all the stops. Thank you – we should celebrate appropriately soon. Best.”


+27 (0) 11 706 9006

Mulberry Hill Office Park, 4 Broadacres Drive, Dainfern, Johannesburg