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Siyakha is a leading advisory firm with a specialist division providing support to our customers to maximize their operational excellence on the African continent. In the past 18 years we have advised local and global businesses, private and public sector organizations, and actively participated in advocating investment on the African continent.

Our Three Divisions



Including Localisaton and Regulatory Compliance

  • Rather than simply box-ticking, our services include an in-depth analysis of how a client can align their business strategy with the essence of B-BBEE compliance, ensuring scorecard adherence supports the operational excellence.
  • We believe that BEE is only successful where it becomes an intrinsic part of the organizational ethos – where all stakeholders benefit from an integrated approach to doing business.

Enterprise Development, Rural Development & Localisation

  • Our Development team is a leading implementer of Development solutions and Rural Development programmes across South Africa. From Supplier Development to complex Localisation programmes to helping communities to feed, educate and sustain themselves; this on-the-ground team is committed to making development happen.
  • Our Development model focuses in developing and delivering a clear, integrated development strategy for the small business sector with the direct benefit of growing and developing the economy and maximising job creation opportunities to support economic growth.
  • Using our Model we have successfully implemented Development Projects since 2002 in all provinces of South Africa.


Human Resources & Search and Selection

  • Human Resources; HR Strategy; Organisational Design; Change Management; HR Audits; Industrial Relations; Induction; Skills & Leadership Development; Remuneration and Benefits; Addressing policy and process & Outplacement Assistance Programmes
  • Diversity Addressing policy and process including: Youth; People with Disabilities; Diverse cultures; Diverse languages;Women; People of all races
  • Settlement Services for businesses establishing an offices(s) in South Africa
  • Board education, Governance & Induction


Providing support for growth, Siyakha Capital Advisors works with our clients to source Government, grant, and investment funding for growth. Our mandate includes sourcing local investment partners, structuring funding for growth and investment into strategic sectors.

Our services include:

  • Companies looking to achieve B-BBEE Ownership
  • Companies looking to raise funding for growth and expansion (for export)
  • Fund Management
  • Localisation

Siyakha Capital Advisory’s unique value proposition is bolstered by our consulting business which works actively in Localisation, Enterprise, and Supplier Development. These activities provide us with an ongoing source of quality businesses which can achieve significant growth with the right investment model.


The Siyakha Development Trust has Trustees independent to our organisation, a separate auditor, and strong audit controls and measures to ensure that we fulfill all of the fiduciary responsibilities required for a Trust to effectively manage 3rd party funds, whilst being mindful of the requirements for B-BBEE compliance.

We adhere to the guiding principles of King IV and structure all of our reporting and administration to ensure that any investment made in the Trust meets all of the applicable criteria for:

  • BEE reporting
  • Social Labour Plan reporting
  • Sustainability and Carbon Tax reporting
  • ESG reporting – integrated reporting requirements including GRI & CDP

The Siyakha Development Trust provides a vehicle for our customers, our industry partners, and our industry peers to contribute their development funds and immediately receive the recognition within their financial year whilst projects and implementation takes place according to set criteria and with the emphasis on maximum impact and maximum return.

Award-winning development initiatives on the continent


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