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Retrenchment Management

As technology advances and the focus on bottom line reporting becomes more finite, so too the reality of life-time employment becomes a distant reality. It is suggested that by the age of 47 years of age, the average South African will have been retrenched at least 3 times. 

Despite this, we still do not focus on equipping our employees with the tools necessary to take control over their career, at whatever level, and the empowering tool of understanding the realities of self-managing their own careers, with the luxury of choice, without having a previous employer to blame.

Five key things contribute to 'unsuccessful' retrenchment exercises: 

  • Incorrect administrative support prior to the process
  • Insufficient knowledge of supervisors, HR representatives or management
  • Insufficient communication which fuels the flames through speculation
  • Incorrect monitoring and project management to promote a structured, measured process
  • No real outcomes and lack of structure to the provision of Outplacement assistance

During the life cycle of an organization there may come a time where necessary retrenchments occur. 

Siyakha has worked with many  SMME's and multi-nationals in managing the retrenchment process by providing a range of services which will benefit your employees, ensure that you meet best code of conduct standards and make a difficult process as smooth as possible.

Siyakha Consulting is the leading provider of Retrenchment Management programmes having provided extensive service to thousands of South Africans over the past 10 years.

We have delivered extensive programmes in remote and urban areas to individuals and companies who require Outplacement Programme Support.

Siyakha will provide Personal Counselling, Job Search Counselling, Financial Counselling and Entrepreneurial Training to your staff.