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To enable companies to have access to the right skills, to develop those skills and retain the skills.

Organisational Climate

How often do we hear that people are the most important resource? Many organisations are unaware of the cost of discontented employees, such as poor retention, low productivity and absenteeism.

It therefore makes sense (and cents) to look after employees, who can only be expected to produce their best and to be 100% committed if the basic motivational factors - remuneration, recognition, terms and conditions, working environment and health and safety - are satisfied.

Let Siyakha Consulting conduct a climate survey to provide a platform towards understanding the factors that motivate employees within your organisation.

This will allow the organisation the opportunity to implement positive people strategies wherever possible, specific to the company's unique environment, as well as begin to eradicate negative practices where possible, with the end aim being the achievement of an optimum performance driven environment for all.

Our climate survey reports are very detailed and provide invaluable insight into 8 key employee motivators.