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Employment Equity

Every South African company needs to understand what Employment Equity means to them and ensure that they are compliant with legislative requirements.

Siyakha Consulting offers Employment Equity services ensuring compliance to legislation, meaningful achievement of equity within your organisation and linking this into your overall transformation strategy and BEE scorecard. 

The practical and committed approach to employment equity ensures your recruitment and people development strategies are integral to your company's overall business and transformation imperatives. 

Most importantly, we help you to make business sense of the Employment Equity Act and, in so doing, ensure that it becomes strategically meaningful and not just a paper-based exercise.  

Our services include:

  • Dispelling the misconceptions around EE through knowledge and sensitisation
  • Aligning EE strategy with business objectives
  • Submitting EEA2 and EEA4 reports within 1 October and/or 15 January timeframe
  • Co-ordinating the process of electing an Employment Equity Committee
  • Setting up the Committee including training of the committee members on their roles and objectives
  • Setting up of Committee constitution
  • Developing EE policies and associated procedures
  • Assessing barriers to achieving equity in the workplace
  • Developing solutions to eliminate barriers to EE
  • Developing numerical goals and recommendation in line with legislative requirements and business objectives