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People Services

To enable companies to have access to the right skills, to develop those skills and retain the skills.

People Services

Our People Services  division works to enable companies to have access to the right skills, to develop those skills, retain the skills and furthermore to provide services that lead to employee engagement, development and training.

Appropriately addressing People matters is the responsibility of every employer and building a strong foundation of Best People Practice translates directly into the following outcomes:

  • maximised talent management
  • minimized labour related risks
  • staff attraction and retention
  • increased productivity
  • employee satisfaction

In his autobiography, Virgin Group CE Richard Branson, makes the point:  'I worry about employees first, customers second and shareholders third.'  

Many organisations are unaware of the cost of discontented employees, such as poor retention, low productivity and absenteeism. 

It therefore makes sense (and cents) to look after employees, who can only be expected to produce their best if the basic motivational factors are satisfied

By working with Siyakha our clients benefit from:

  • a partnership with specialists in their field
  • a tailored solution that responds directly to their needs
  • Access to an entire team of experienced professionals and specialists
  • superior service levels with quality assurance measures
  • Increased capacity within your organisation whilst increasing skills
  • Streamlined organisational structures and the ability to focus on your core business
  • uninterrupted service (back-up resourcing available)