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Black Economic Empowerment as a business strategy

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Public Sector Advisory Services

We at Siyakha Consulting are passionate about laying the foundation for a more equitable future.  We believe that Equality, and Economic Freedom for all South Africans can only be achieved through effective Transformation.

What Siyakha offers?

  • An Audit of the Department/Municipality's internal policies and report on recommendations for the optimal alignment with legislation and National Strategy.
  • We can subsequently assist with drafting of required policies to ensure alignment with the legislation and National Strategy.
  • Transformation Consulting Services, including the Development of Transformation, HR and Development Strategies
  • Preparation for the management of the BEE Verification Process
  • Training and Mentorship of Internal Resources around Transformation Concepts and Methods, always ensuring effective Skills Transfer occurs across the board.
  • Siyakha offers training programmes and support in tender adjudication, procurement policy design and training on BEE for Procurement teams and implementation thereof with specific relevance to the public sector in terms of legislative changes on PPPFA, IPAP and Codes of Best Practice.

Our BEE consultants regularly publish research articles on pertinent issues around B-BBEE and Transformation.  In their capacity as B-BBEE advisors, our consultants work with the public sector to design, implement and deliver effective Departmental and Municipal transformation strategies.