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Black Economic Empowerment as a business strategy

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BEE Scorecard Advisory Services

Our team work on all 7 elements of the BEE Scorecard, advising and implementing best practice solutions to earn maximum points on each element. 

Rather than offer CD-Rom versions of compliance advice, we do not offer a 'plug and play' approach. 

Our service provides and in-depth analysis of how a client can align their business strategy with the essence of BEE compliance ensuring scorecard adherence is not simply a tick box exercise.

We believe that BEE is only successful where it becomes an intrinsic part of the organisational ethos and considers the maximum opportunities that lie behind the business strategy to achieve meaningful transformation. 

Our differentiator is in the level of Project Management provided to support Management in a successfully run programme supported by a multi-disciplinary delivery team with extensive reporting and accessibility to our on-site team.

The B-BBEEE consultants have completed the National Association of B-BBEEE Consultants Registration course and examination and are registered B-BBEEE Consultants.

In order to deliver effective transformation solutions our consultants have a deep technical understanding of B-BBEE. They are fully conversant in the Codes of Good Practice and the sector codes and are effectively able to practically apply the principles thereof.

Our consultants regularly publish research articles on pertinent issues around B-BBEE and Transformation.  In their capacity as B-BBEEE advisors, our consultants work with clients to design, implement and deliver effective organizational transformation strategies 

Transaction Advisory Services

Through this service, Siyakha Consulting ensures that a tailor-made and solution based advisory is provided to meet the specific transaction specifications and requirements of the client.

This includes providing choices and options of a preferable transaction, detailed and comprehensive due diligence processes that cover all regulatory, socio-economic and political considerations, deal structuring and suitable partner selection is critical to achieving the outcomes in this area. 

Advisory on Sector Charter Compliance

We provide in depth knowledge and expertise on all of the sector charters offering consulting services for maximum contribution levels, training and education seminars and implementation support.