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7 February 2012
Robust and decisive plans are required to mitigate the risk posed by the lack of skills and jobs among the youth of this country. On Thursday President Jacob Zuma will open Parliament and deliver his fourth State of the Nation address since he took the helm in 2009.
1 February 2012
The Big Container Initiative, an idea sparked by Siyakha Consulting’s executive director Dionne Kerr, will see used shipping containers refurbished, tailor-made and installed in rural and underdeveloped areas across South Africa to cater for various new business opportunities and to meet community needs.
11 January 2012
As consultants, we have the privilege of advising and implementing various projects and initiatives across a large spectrum of disciplines, geographic areas and parts of society. As transformation consultants, this has meant we focus on change strategies, changing perceptions, changing skills and processes as well as changing our environment (operating and physical).
11 January 2012
Siyakha Consulting has come out in support of the Department of Health’s listing as Mental Illness Awareness Month.
12 December 2011
Siyakha Consulting is ramping up operations to address the expanding transformation and sustainability needs of the KwaZulu-Natal economy.