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8 May 2012
Examples of well intentioned, but badly implemented, Corporate Social Investment (CSI) programmes are too numerous to mention and one of the negative legacies of the Socio Economic Development (SED) requirement that drives CSI in South Africa.
10 April 2012
With more than 500 state-owned enterprises SA is oversubscribed in this regard. Under the burgeoning pressure of service delivery, state-owned enterprises (SOEs) are being asked to lead the way in committing to drive South Africa’s developmental objectives.
21 March 2012
Last October, the JSE released a study that showed that blacks owned 17% of the top-100 listed companies, which represent 85% of the bourse’s total market capitalisation.
17 March 2012
If you have no option but to retrench, focus on how well it's done. In hard economic times, everyone hates to think of retrenchment. But costs have to be faced squarely - reluctance to do so can be even more costly, to the point of putting the business itself at risk.
17 March 2012
As part of its commitment to ensuring job creation for the disabled, Siyakha Consulting not only highlights a disability each month but also promotes a number of disabled candidates to ensure that they are able to enter the job market and earn a living.