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About Us

Sustainable solutions for a transformed economy


Since 2002 Siyakha Consulting has designed and implemented strategies that support sustainable transformation. Successful transformation is essential to South Africa's longevity and increasing evidence points to the fact that an organisation's ability to transform effectively, will determine their success, or failure in the future. Our world class services are designed to provide solutions that directly align with our client's strategic objectives.

The key to our success lies not in prescribed and formulaic solutions, but in identifying each organisation's individual requirements and designing best practice solutions to suit those specific needs. Our solutions are fully scalable to clients needs, encompassing anything from quick telephonic support to fully customized solutions and implementation support.

Siyakha Consulting's methodology includes consultation with an organisation's clients, employees, management, and shareholders to involve all key stakeholders in each project. World class project management is included in all our services and ensures that all work is meticulously scoped and reported on and that delivery is closely measured. 

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Vision Statement

To be the leading transformation agents in Africa encompassing People, Companies and our Environment

Mission Statement

Siyakha Consulting will lead the way across South Africa, and increasingly Africa in the design and implementation of strategies that either directly or indirectly support sustainable